Got the Rusty Hands, Wintertime blues? Let’s Work It Out!

Winter Guitar Workouts Feb 9-10, 2013

Each workout is a 4-hour hands-on Flatpicking sessions by one of the most renowned instructors in Acoustic Music, Tyler Grant (Grant Farm, Emmitt-Nershi Band, National Flatpicking Champion.)

Saturday (Basic Workout)

The Saturday workshop is geared toward entry-level pickers. I will expect attendees to have at least a very basic understanding of open chords, basic technique and notes in open position. In other words, make sure you have had a few lessons first.

We will cover the basics of Flatpicking technique, bluegrass/old-time rhythm and The Major Scale. We will work on tone, timing, and methods for making the most of your practice time. AND we will learn a couple Flatpicked fiddle tunes.

Tyler will provide written materials, a smile, and some inspiration. Bring your guitar, a flat pick and a portable recording device. Capo and music stand are also highly recommended, but not required. Let’s have some fun with MUSIC!

Sunday (Advanced Workout)

The Sunday workshop is geared toward upper Intermediate to Advanced players. I will expect attendees to have had some experience playing in a band setting or a jam. We will be moving quickly and covering as much territory as we can. Attendees should also know at least the basic versions of standard tunes like “Old Joe Clark,” “Whiskey Before Breakfast” and “Big Mon.” Message me if you are an experienced player who does not know fiddle tunes and I will get you some files to get you started on these tunes, as we will be using them for speed training.

The focus will be on timing, speed training, scales and technical studies, Flatpicked fiddle tunes and Bluegrass guitar solos.

Tyler will provide written materials, a smile, and some inspiration. Bring your guitar, a flat pick, capo and a portable recording device. A music stand is also recommended, but not required.

Event Details

Boulder, CO (location TBD)

$50 admission fee due upon arrival at the event. This fee covers admission, instruction, does not cover travel, accommodation, food/drink or other costs.

To reserve a spot or ask any questions about these events, please email with the following:

– Your name and email address
– The day would you like to attend (Sat/Basic or Sun/Advanced)
– Any questions you have about the workout

Scholarship Opportunities:
A generous donor has agreed to cover the admission costs for 4 deserving youngsters (21 years old or under)! If you’re passionate about flatpicking and acoustic music but don’t have the means to attend, please email Tyler with the following info: your name/email, the day you would like to attend, and a short note about why you’d like to attend (1-5 paragraphs max.)

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