Fall News 2012 – West Coast Tour, Flatpicking Workshops and more!

Whoa, lots of news lately! I can’t keep up on all the websites and social media, so please follow me on twitter, facebook, and Grant Farm for the latest updates.

I will catch up to my own website sooner or later! Grant Farm is gearing up for FARMAGEDDON TOUR 2012! We are teaming up with Huckle for an eleven-show run up the West Coast, from San Diego to Seattle, 11/27 to 12/9. We are posting new youtube videos every day on the facebook and twitter to celebrate the upcoming tour!

The Fall Flatpicking workout was a tremendous success! I hope all the attendees got their money’s worth. I am plotting another workshop for the late Winter. So far I am on for three Music Camps in 2013: Steve Kaufman’s Acoustic Kamp, Sore Fingers UK, and Julian Family Fiddle Camp.

Grant Farm is working hard, thinking big and making plans for 2013. Look for a new album, some nice tours and festival plays, and the Grant Farm Almanac, your source for band news, tour dates, clever writings and much more! Our debut CD, Grant Farm, is still going strong. To order, click HERE.

Happy Winter! Come see me soon.

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