Dreamtime Series

Desert Songs-Toneful Guitar Music for Relaxation and Massage was originally conceived as background music for therapeutic massage. My goal was to compose simple, beautiful music that would complement a sixty-minute Integrative Massage.

However, the album has become much more than that. It is simply nice relaxing music. Listen while relaxing at home, driving through scenic landscapes or meditating and practicing yoga. Use it as background music to help you sleep, or just enjoy the music any way you like! The music was composed with the intention of helping mind and body relax on their own. I am enamored with the beauty of Great Deserts of the Southwestern United States, and it was my goal to invoke lovely and powerful images of the Desert environment with this music.


“After nearly a decade of massage practice, I only have a few CDs that I trust for any session. This is one of them. Tyler’s guitars blend seamlessly to create a perfect 60 minute flow of melodies, textures and open healing spaces.”
Brian Wingate, LMT and Massage Instructor (Nashville, TN)

“This work has the rare ability to transform both client and therapist into and beyond the etheric realms of all the chakra centers and deposit them in a place of peace, well-being and healing. A perfect compliment to any healing modality. A must in the massage room!”
Mark Mills, N.C.T.M.B. and Spa Owner (Boulder, CO)

“When first asked to listen to this CD for relaxation I thought how can music created on a guitar be that relaxing? It can and is. Let the smooth riffs take you beyond relaxation to complete bliss.”
Steve McLaughlin, 20 year LMT and Massage Instructor (Asheville, NC)

Program Notes

The following program notes are our interpretation of how each piece relates to the basic outline of a sixty-minute Integrative Massage. It is intended to help explain my use of certain sounds, moods, rhythm and tonality as it relates to massage therapy.

These are just a few of our impressions and ideas about the music. It is completely open to interpretation.

1. FIRST LIGHT (5:07)
Designed to invite the client to relax and feel comfortable and safe in the moments prior to massage and as massage begins.

2. STORM CLOUDS (11:01)
Floaty, ethereal images help induce a deeper state of relaxation.

3. VISION QUEST (12:23)
Introduction of a rhythmic pulse encourages entrainment between client and therapist. Brain waves, breath flow, energy tones, and heartbeat sync in this dreamy section.

4. WARM SPRING (7:50)
As client prepares to turn onto his/her back, often the relaxation state achieved is interrupted by this very action. Warm Spring offers a softened adjustment period during this transition.

5. PINYON JAY (5:04)
Like the morning song of the desert Pinyon Jay, this section suggests an awakening of the spirit and an acknowledgment of one’s inner light.

A journey into deeper release of tension and body consciousness (awareness of specific tense areas). In this sense, Migration is the body’s quest for a greater state of peace. This is analogous to the flight of the Pinyon Jay toward the warm Haven of the Desert lowlands as Winter approaches.

7. THE WANDERER (5:04)
Conveys feelings of inner beauty, peace and confidence. The Wanderer is strong, self-assured and free.

8. JUNIPER (7:51)
At this time, the therapist addresses the neck and head. This piece relates to the crown chakra in tonality. The bright character of the music reflects the stark beauty of the Juniper tree and its high desert environment.

9.OASIS (11:32)
As the massage comes to an end, impressions of the sound of a singing bowl instill a great sense of meditation. Om. The use of sustained tones in quartal harmony and free rhythm leads the client into a deep sea of meditative tranquility. The client has the power to remain in this state long after the massage has ended. Oasis can also be used as “exit music” for the client.

Technical Notes

This album was completely performed on guitars.

Tyler Grant: acoustic & electric guitars
Instruments used: 1953 Martin D-28; Naked Guitar “Twang” Telecaster through 1973 Fender Super Reverb Amp
Produced by Tyler Grant Recorded & Mastered by Phil Harris
Mixed by Phil Harris & Tyler Grant
Battle Ridge Studio / PH Balanced Recordings Nashville, Tennessee


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